Hard Copy #16. ‘Strip’ by Pauline Beaudemont. Design Régis Tosetti

Hard Copy #16.

'Strip' by Pauline Beaudemont. Book launch in June. Journal / Newspaper. Offset, 29 x 18,5 cm, 100p., 300 copies +30 limited editions. 1000 photos couleur / 1000 colour photos. Texte / Text by Pauline Beaudemont. Anglais / English. 2012. ISBN 978-2-9700713-4-1. Design Régis Tosetti . Editor Delphine Bedel. Design editor Barbara Fedier. Publishers: HEAD – Genève, Monospace Press, Amsterdam.

STRIP takes you on a familiar ride through 1000 photographs and attempts to unveil the physical and figurative sense of an image collection.

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