Hard Copy #17. ”After Jeff” by Vianney Fivel. Design Johnson/Kingston.

"After Jeff” by Vianney Fivel. Artist book. Offset, 21 x 28 cm, 150p., 250 copies+ 30 limted edtions. 500 B&W illustrations and archive images. Texts by Vianney Fievel, Pierre Leguillon and guests. French / English. Design Johnson/Kingston. 2012. ISBN 978-2-9700713-5-8. Editor Delphine Bedel. Design editor Barbara Fedier. Publishers: HEAD – Genève, Monospace Press, Amsterdam.

« After Jeff » is a specific reading of Jell wall’s work, embodied in a atlas of both texts and pictures, dealing with different fields of knowledge. Various looks went through the artist’s photographs generating a drift between consciousness and inconsciousness, personal tales and historical facts, art history and popular culture: a constantly renewed montage.

Some fragments of « After Jeff » have been presented during a series of performances in Genf in 2011, thus reviving the oral tradition.The many voices that built this project are now slipping into this book, to reappear maybe one day through another form. 

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