Hard Copy #19. ‘Conversations entre masses’ by Anne-Sylvie Henchoz. Design Jeremy Schorderet

Hard Copy #19.

'Conversation entre masses' by Anne-Sylvie Henchoz. Artist Book. Offset, 16,5 x 24 cm, 80p., 300 copies. 50 colour photos.  Text Anne Sylvie Henchoz. French. Design Jeremy Schorderet . 2012. ISBN 978-2-9700713-7-2. Editor Delphine Bedel. Design editor Barbara Fedier. Publishers: HEAD – Genève, Monospace Press, Amsterdam. esign Jeremy Schorderet. 

This book relates the wings of an artistic practice. It is a question, here, of telling stories about meetings with actresses, about secrets of shooting which are not usually made visible in a work. These meetings (of mass) are to be envisaged as the track of moment (or the experience ) where art joins life. This book is built in the style of a movie, with images full page, a parallel editing and inter-texts in the style of the silent movies.

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