Hard Copy #20. ‘Claire, Anne, Laurence’ by Anne Le Troter. Design Dimitri Jeannottat

Hard Copy #20.

'Claire, Anne, Laurence' by Anne Le Troter.  Theatre play. Offset, 14 x 20 cm, 56p. 300 copies. French. Design Dimitri Jeannottat . 2012. ISBN 978-2-9700713-8-9. Editor Delphine Bedel. Design editor Barbara Fedier. Publishers: HEAD – Genève, Monospace Press, Amsterdam.

’Claire, Anne, Laurence’ is a tragi-comic theater piece with five scenes (Who can the most, who can the least, The Blocking Piece, Place at the table, Kif-kaf stuck in the ears, The origin) with a play between the language of three sisters. It is unclear who is who in the family tree or perhaps the “I” does not exist. The piece is written to be read, as in the form of musical scores. 

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