Book Launch & Talks @ Temporary Office Location, Arles

Come for a talk book launch or presentation this week, and join us for the book launch of hard copy on Friday durin the prrofessional week of the Rencontres Photographiques!

Temporary Office Location: 52, rue du 4 septembre, Arles.

Wednesday 4 July: 

3pm Digestif with the office. 5pm Apéritif, opening. 11.30 The Late, Late Show with Lucas Foglia

Thursday 5 July: 

3pm Digestif with Zed Nelson. 5pm Apéritif with Cristina De Middel, who just produced the book The Afronauts, Laia Abril and Alinka Echeverria. 7pm British Journal of Photography iPhone/iPad launch party

Friday 6 July: 

3pm Digestif with Anouk Kruithof, Phil Toledano and Theophile’s Papers. 5pm Apéritif with Ai Estelle Barreyre, Vianney Fivel, Pauline Beaudemont and Suzanne Perrin. Book Launch Hard Copy. 11.30 The Late, Late Show with Brad Feuerhelm

Saturday 7 July: 3pm Digestif with Sophie Jung. 6pm Apéritif with Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Self Publish Be Happy Book Club Meeting.

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